... de 20 ani alături de persoanele cu nevoi speciale

About us!

sigla_micaThe fundamentals of ,,Raza de Soare” were released in 2000 from a desire to offer a chance at recovery and reintegration into society of children and young people with special educational needs.

The services offered by our organization are accredited according to standards.

Since 2000, we support children and young people have achieved very good results received help from staff with extensive experience in recovery.

The organization’s goal is to increase the quality of life for people with psychomotor disabilities.

 Mission is to provide opportunities for recovery and community integration of children and youth with disabilities neuropsychomotor recovery programs , socialization and integration.

 “Raza de soare” Association Iernut, operates through two accredited services:

You can find out more about “Raza de Soare” Association by visting the links below:


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