... de 20 ani alături de persoanele cu nevoi speciale

Our story

Association Raza de Soare / Rays of the Sun is a non-governmental organization operating in Romana in the small city Iernut from the Mures region. The association began in 2000 with lots of love and a dream that every child with disabilities can be a real help and a joy for the community if the child is valued and can develop.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for recovery and community integration of children and youth from Iernut and from the villages with disabilities through recovery programs (gymnastic, art therapy, psychology) socialization and integration.

The bases of Raza de Soare daily centre were put from the desire to provide a chance for recovery and reintegration in society for the children and young people with special educational needs. Social rejection and passing of judgments was and still is something families face when dealing with a disabled child. When the Association was born more than 90% of children with disabilities did not attend school or a place to learn.

In the first years all the work was done by volunteers. Kindergarten teachers, school professors, the parents of the beneficiaries and a psychologist, all worked daily for a couple of hours to help the children with disabilities.

Everything was free. Still, it was hard to convince the parents to come to the centre and to attend all the activities good for the child.

After 14 years the centre is free, better organized and a most of all it is appreciated by the community.

Now, the centre has professional therapists to help children develop in different areas. We provide:
• Early learning for children with special needs;
• Physiotherapy services
• Occupational and Art therapy : music, therapy stories, games, paintings.
• Counseling and guidance for parents in order to access the appropriate health care for their children,
• Nutrition and cooking lessons for young people with disabilities,
• Practical life for young people with disabilities: how to pay to the bank, how to make a personal budget, Basic English lessons, basic computer lessons,
• Training tools for parents for therapy at home.

Association Raza de Soare / Rays of the Sun has juridical personality and is accredited as a provider of social services.


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